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Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs)

Polaris Group offers a RAC Mock Audit and a RAC Risk Analysis.

What is the role of a RAC?
To detect and correct past improper payments so that CMS and Carriers, FI’s, and MAC’s can implement actions that will prevent future improper payments:

  1. CMS hopes to lower its error rate
  2. Providers can ensure submitted claims are accurate
  3. Taxpayers and Medicare beneficiaries are protected

What is the History of RAC?
During the Demonstration the RAC’s identified:

  • $900 million in overpayments
  • 96% of the claims were overpayments
  • $38 million in underpayments
  • 4% of claims were underpayments
  • Only 14% of denials were appealed

Why have a Mock RAC Audit?

  • Identify potential errors and areas of risk.
  • Review current compliance practices.
  • Identify training needs & broken systems.
  • Measure communication & accuracy among Nursing, Therapy, Billing, etc.
  • Revenue and reimbursement in compliance.
  • Reduce fear and anxiety.

Mock RAC Audit Benefits

  • Decrease denials and exposure risks
  • Decrease vulnerability
  • Peace of mind

Offsite Mock RAC Audit

The Mock RAC Mock Audit provides an off-site claim and chart audit, applying criteria and auditing methods designed to match RAC auditor methods. The focus is on compliance with regulations, risk mitigation for denials, revenue and reimbursement management of your Part A and B Medicare claim.

Provided by Polaris Group specialist’s expertise in Medicare compliance and best practices.

RAC Risk Analysis
Polaris Group’s Risk Analysis evaluates current billing practices to identify areas for improvement and training.  We provide a clinical and billing specialist with expertise in Medicare compliance and best practices to perform these audits and billing practice reviews.

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