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Nursing Consulting Services
Improve nursing care and efficiency with Polaris Group Consulting Services. With high turnover, recruitment problems, PPS, and compliance the demands on your nursing staff go beyond resident care. Today, nurses need more than just clinical experience: they need operational, managerial, regulatory, and financial expertise, too. Polaris Group Consultants can work with your facility's nursing staff to ensure accurate revenue while improving resident outcomes and state survey results. We can help you streamline your systems; assess and train staff; and develop methods to improve performance and teamwork.

The Polaris Group's resident-centered management services offer a comprehensive combination of nursing, operational, regulatory, and financial expertise geared toward the delivery of resident services and designed to meet the demands of PPS, Medicare, managed care, and compliance with OBRA. Our goals are to improve your systems and resource utilization, producing an increase in profitability as well as improvements in resident outcomes and survey results.
   Our Solutions
  Nursing/Operational Services Included
  Systems & Resources
  Unplanned Hospital Admissions Review
Polaris Group Nursing Consulting Services can help you achieve:
  • Optimal PPS reimbursement through MDS case management
  • Successful surveys
  • Quality CAAs and care plans by care team
  • Efficient delivery, communication, and documentation systems
  • Effective CQI and risk management programs
  • Improved resident outcomes
  • Effective nursing leadership and performance outcomes management
Nursing/Operational Services include:
  • New DON training and support
  • New MDS nurse training and support
  • Clinical program implementation for survey compliance
  • Fall management
  • Side rail and restraint reduction
  • Weight and hydration program
  • Behavior / psychotropic drug / pain management
  • Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Bowel and Bladder Management
  • MDS accuracy and Medicare compliance
  • Case management training and implementation
  • Skilled nursing documentation training
  • CQI program implementation and QI investigations
  • Incident Reports
  • Restorative nursing program and Part B utilization
  • Staff retention and nursing leadership programs
  • Supervisory skill training for charge nurses
  • Performance expectations development and team building
  • Organizational structure and roles and staffing analysis
Systems and Resources
  • Mock Survey. Complete all Survey tasks. Provide proven solutions and a comprehensive report by F-tag. Identify and correct problems before surveyors arrive.
  • PPS Case Management. Accuracy audits for PDPMs and QIs. Pre-admission and daily case management. Patient cost tracking and management. Skilled nursing and therapy documentation training; decrease denial risk.
  • CAAs/Care Plan. Quality CAAs with effective care planning and acute episode documentation.
  • Nursing Systems and Staff Analysis. Analyze organizational structure, staffing patterns, staff roles.
  • CQI Program/CMS QM/QIs. QM/QI investigation and improvement. Provide program and training to implement CQI, benchmarking, incident and risk management.
  • Nurse Management Training. Orientation and training for DONs, ADONs, and MDS nurses.
  • Staff Performance Management. Team development and supervisory skill training. for charge nurses. Improve accountability and decrease turnover.
  • Clinical Programs. Fall management, restraint/side rail reduction, weight/hydration, bowel/bladder, and more.
  • Professional Liability Risk Assessment. Onsite Risk Assessment targets areas to decrease risk for professional liability claims.

Unplanned Hospital Admissions Review

Length of Stay and Unnecessary Hospital Admissions:
Provide analysis  of discharges to hospitals within 30 days of admission; identify strategies to increase LOS and unnecessary re-admissions; training for nursing staff is included.

Polaris Group will provide on-site assistance with identifying unplanned hospital re-admissions by:

  • Providing analysis of root cause for transfers back to hospital within 30 days
  • Identifying preventable causes/transfers and create strategic solutions
  • Training nurses to communicate effectively with physicians
  • Improve pre-admission screening process
  • Provide tools to assist with communication and tracking

On-site in-services to staff include:

  • Impact on your LOS
  • Scope of problem
  • Why re-admissions occur
  • Strategies to prevent
  • How to manage change in condition
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