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Apollo RM: Desktop Risk Management Web Application

Polaris Group in partnership with TSI, uses the largest healthcare data reporting system in the US to provide long-term-care facilities with a trusted web application service that provides immediate analysis of facility MDS for risk alerts, submission accuracy, clinical risk, RUG therapy minutes, ADL Scores and more.  The Survey Outcomes Risk analysis provides comparative CASPER data including residents’ conditions, F-tag /complaint trends, and staffing PPD.  In addition, the service provides Regulatory and Compliance resources, along with many more features.

There are three components of our Apollo RM Risk Management support:

MDS Analyzer
Survey Outcomes/Risk Analysis

Regulatory Resources

We offer services to single facilities and corporations.

MDS Analyzer
What is it?

  • “Scrubs” all MDS prior to submission to the State.
  • Provides logic for MDS consistency.
  • RUG Maximizer.
  • ADL Maximizer.
  • Desktop survey and clinical Risk Manager.
  • Identifies clinical risk areas for care planning.

Features and Reports

  • Provides error messages and suggestions to improve accuracy and maximize RUGs prior to submission to the CMS.
  • Provides clinical risk report from MDS 3.0 data.

Report Type Overview

  • The Dashboard can be used and customized to fit any user roles needs and a user can simply request a certain type widget and this can easily be added to your dashboard.
  • Risk Analysis Report.
  • Complex Care/High Risk Report.
  • QM/QI Reporting based on the 18 tentative released.
  • This report will include only the NUM, DEN and FACILITY % but will also have flag triggers working the same way that the 75th percentile would work.
  • Keep in mind this report will not generate until data begins to populate into our system.
  • Functional Decline Report.
  • This report is focused on residents who are in a functional decline.
  • MDS Submission Analysis Impact.
  • ADL Score Analysis Report.
  • MDS Due Report.
  • Potential Missed Opportunities Report (missed RUG opportunities).
  • Functional Decline Report.
What’s in it for you?
  • Improved Medicare and/or Medicaid RUG scores for accurate billing and CMI.
  • Improved ADL scores and QI/QM accuracy.
  • Ability to pinpoint survey risk areas and residents.
  • Anticipate and prepare to mitigate survey citations.
  • Accurate risk identification.

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Survey Outcomes/Risk Analysis

What is it?

  • Survey data is downloaded daily directly from the CMS website.
  • Provides immediate survey trends and CASPER 3 and 4 updates.
  • Combines all CASPER data into one easy to use report – Puts your CASPER 3 and 4 reports on “Steroids.”
  • Includes comparative staffing PPD data for county, state, and national.
  • Provides up to 4 years of survey and complaint trends.
  • Provides comparative and predictive information.

Features and Reports

Dashboard capability provides up-to-date information in key areas of risk:
  • Top 20 F-tags: Based on your survey history, and current survey trends.
  • Special Focus Facility rating and risk: Calculates your rating using CMS criteria and predicts risk to be put on SFF list.
  • Apollo RM Risk Calculation: Based on prior surveys, current trends, staffing, and MDS data, predicts your overall Risk during next survey.
  • Predicts Survey Date within a 90-day window.
  • Staffing/CMI adjusted: Calculates your Staffing Data provided during survey and adjusts for CMI using MDS to mimic the staffing adjustment done for 5 Star.
  • 5 Star Rating and Changes.

What’s in it for you?
  • Pinpoint risk areas.
  • Improved ability to mitigate risk of citations.
  • Ability to contrast and compare your survey trends to state, national and peers.
  • Staffing with CMI adjustment comparative data trends.
  • Anticipate and identify facilities for the Special Focus Facility list.
  • Identify high risk F-tags.
  • For corporations comparative data to target competitors.

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Regulatory Resources
What is it?

  • Regulatory & Compliance Document Guide.
  • Over 88, 000 links to State and Federal regulations.
  • Site updated daily.
  • 4000 links to RAI manual, with 900 directly off MDS form.
  • Update Alerts with explanation of impact.

Features and Reports

    • Entire State Operations Manual.
    • RAI manual.
    • QIS manual and tools.
    • Medicare Manuals/OSHA resources.
    • Transmittals, S&C letters by year, Federal register, drafts and updates.
    • Your State licensing regulations.
    • Cross walk of your State regulations to Federal Regulations.
    • DAVE updates.
    • QI/QM definitions and manual.

What’s in it for you?
  • Cost effective method to ensure all communities have access to current regulations.
  • Timely alerts to ensure all staff are up to date on changes.
  • Excellent enhancement to your commitment to provide support for your communities.

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