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Infection Control Services  

Every LTC and Assisted Living community is at risk for a Coronavirus outbreak.  And with this risk, surveyors have been directed to focus on Infection Control Practices and Preparedness during surveys.  With the increase in focus on an effective Infection Control plan, and an emergency plan in light of Coronavirus, Polaris Group is prepared to work with you and your staff to ensure you are in compliance. 

Polaris Group will perform an in-depth review of your infection control program and practices and to evaluate for compliance with emergency preparedness for Coronavirus outbreak using CDC Guidelines.  This risk assessment will include review of your program with a detailed risk assessment to identify issues and create your action plan. Our expert Infection Control specialist will perform direct observations of infection control practices by all staff, residents and visitors.  Our expert will work alongside your Infection Control Preventionist to provide education throughout the entire review, and to ensure all components are in place, and program is effective and prepared for an outbreak if occurs. 

The key objectives and benefits to having an Infection Control Risk Assessment:


  1. Review Infection Control Program, QAPI, and Emergency Plan related to Infection Outbreaks
  2. Review current Isolation Practices and Policies.
  3. Perform the CMS and CDC recommended Risk Assessment which is a detailed review of all aspects of a successful program.  
  4. Perform extensive staff observations for Infection Control Practices including Nursing, Housekeeping, Dietary, and Laundry.
  5. Interview staff to understanding of Infection Control Practices.
  6. Review residents with infections/isolation.
  7. Review how the facility is educating and preventing resident and visitor infection, and evolving restrictions of visitors.
  8. Inventory of PPE equipment. 
  9. The facility has emergency supplies and equipment (PPE) plan.
  10. Review facilities guidance for staff monitoring for signs of illness (including self-reporting, self-quarantine, and start/end of shift evaluation) and the facility’s mechanism for reporting both illness and absenteeism.
  11. Determine coordination mechanisms with authorities and coalition EMS agencies including information sharing, resource monitoring/assistance, and policy coordination.
  12. Identify specific activities in your jurisdiction can do now to prepare for, respond to, and be resilient in the face of Coronavirus or COVID-19.
  13. Staff Education Records – Education related to Infection Control- 5 Employee education    records
  14. Resident Vaccine education and forms
  15. Antibiotic Stewardship program
  16. Review systems for tracking infections and reporting infections.
  17. Provide education and resources as indicated by findings.


  1. Key staff armed with strategies needed to implement to ensure compliance with OBRA Rules, CMS and CDC Infection Control Practice Guidelines
  2. Strategies and process in place to be in Compliance with Coronavirus outbreak or resulting COVID-19. 
  3. Better prepared to next Survey which will focus on ICP.
  4. Implement a pro-active approach for residents, visitors, and staff for health and safety related to Infection Prevention and Control

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