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With CASPER Corporate Benchmarking Reports, Polaris Group has made it possible and easy to provide a user-friendly CASPER report for each facility in your organization.

To order your CASPER report, please call 1-800-275-6252 or click on the CASPER link, and order online on our new online store. You can also print out the blank order form online and fax to us if you do not want to order from the store.

Get your CASPER report NOW!

CASPER Corporate Benchmarking Reports
A unique management tool for both facility and corporate staff, the Polaris Group CASPER Corporate Benchmarking Reports provides your organization with a valuable management tool providing expert analysis of trends, allowing you to assess performance, enact standards, and measure results facility by facility.

CASPER Corporate Benchmarking Reports enable you to:
  • Create corporate averages and trends for Survey F-tags, Life Safety, and Complaints substantiated and unsubstantiated and compare these against national averages.
  • Identify most frequent Survey and Life Safety citations by Tag number
  • Review corporate trends over the previous 4 years
  • Identify F-tags for improvement to decrease risk of repeat citations
  • Measure improvement over time for presentation to Boards or other interested parties
CASPER Corporate Benchmarking Reports enable your facilities to:
  • Receive their unique CASPER data in an easy to read, easy to obtain format
  • Review their CASPER data as part of Survey Preparation
  • Compare their CASPER survey and complaint trends compared to other facilities within your corporation and to corporate and national averages
    • Survey trends, Life Safety trends and Complaint trends for the last 4 surveys
    • Compares the number of citations or complaints to corporate, state and national averages
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