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Medicare Parts A & B Utilization Benchmarking
Manage your facility's Medicare program with our unique assessment tools. The professionals at Polaris Group offer a unique combination of nursing, operational, regulatory, and financial expertise that can improve your systems and resource utilization.

If you're not certain that your facility can adequately assess Medicare Utilization Benchmarks, the Polaris Group Benchmarking Report can help your facility establish and measure benchmarks appropriate to your needs. Our reports provide you with the tools to manage your facility's Medicare program and allow you to compare yourself to other skilled nursing facilities at the same time.
   Medicare utilization benchmarking
  Compare or identify risks
  Evaluate RUG distribution
Medicare utilization benchmarking
  • Compare Medicare Utilization across your corporate facilities and to corporate trends
  • Determine your Medicare Length of Stay and how it compares to other SNFs
  • Ascertain whether your RUG level distribution is optimal
  • Measure your ADL scores accurately
  • Develop methods to evaluate case management of the ARD
  • Optimize Part B revenue for your facility's census
  • Ensure that your diagnoses and CPT Codes are accurate
  • Improve accurate and timely completion of your UB04
Benchmarks compare or identify risk associated with:
  • Length of stay
  • ADL scores
  • Discharge destinations
  • Primary Diagnosis
  • UB04 Errors
  • RUG distributions and therapy minute management
  • Case management of the ARD
  • Medicare Part A and B utilization and Revenue
  • Part B utilization, Fees, charges and CPT Coding
Evaluate RUG distribution
Part A: Sample Facility Information
RUG Level Sample Facility Polaris Group Interpretation
Ultra/Extensive 0.72% 5.54% Room for growth
Very High/Ext 1.45% 10.27% Room for growth
Medium/Ext 22.70% 14.65%  
Rehab Ultra High 9.57% 14.99% Room for growth
Rehab Very High 21.46% 26.70%  
Rehab High 25.08% 15.51% Higher than normal
Rehab Medium 7.96% 4.35%  
Rehab Low 0% 0.09%  
Nursing RUGs 11.06% 7.90%  
Total 100% 100%  
1) Audit residents with a LOS under 21 days to determine if residents may have qualified for Nursing Skilled Services after therapy stops.
2) Evaluate therapy minute management.
ADL Split Ends* Sample Facility Polaris Group Interpretation
Level X 3.68% 10.30% Most dependent patients, higher reimbursement
Level C 9.92% 14.16%
Level L 19.68% 21.05%  
Level B 58.56% 38.85%  
Level A 8.16% 15.64% Least dependent patients, lower reimbursement
*ADL End Splits: This is only a small sample of the data available through our benchmarking reports.

NOTE: The percentages used in this example are fictitious as this information is obtained only via contract.
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