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Medicare Support Services
Comprehensive Medicare Operations Assessment. The Polaris Group's Comprehensive Medicare Operations Assessment provides you with a tool to evaluate key systems organization-wide that could impact Medicare compliance and related revenue. Polaris Group consultants will evaluate your systems related to nursing, MDS, case management, therapy, billing, and ancillary vendor contracts; identify opportunities to improve revenue, decrease cost, and reduce compliance risk for denials; and provide employee training and resource manuals.
   Nursing Systems Review
  Unplanned Hospital Admissions Review
  Therapy Program Review
  Billing Practices Review
  Ancillary Vendor Performance Review
Nursing Systems Review
  • MDS accuracy check to RUG items
  • Compliance with Medicare rules related to MDS timing, reason for assessment, use of grace days and OMRAs
  • MDS management to obtain accurate RUG reimbursement
  • Compliance with Medicare eligibility and continued stay requirements
  • Compliance with physician certification and notification of non-coverage requirements
  • Audit the quality and consistency of skilled nursing documentation to support a continued stay
  • Communication and case management systems with therapy and billing
  • Restorative nursing services support of Part A and B
  • Quality assurance activities related to requirements

Unplanned Hospital Admissions Review

Length of Stay and Unnecessary Hospital Admissions:
Provide analysis  of discharges to hospitals within 30 days of admission; identify strategies to increase LOS and unnecessary re-admissions; training for nursing staff is included.

Polaris Group will provide on-site assistance with identifying unplanned hospital re-admissions by:

  • Providing analysis of root cause for transfers back to hospital within 30 days
  • Identifying preventable causes/transfers and create strategic solutions
  • Training nurses to communicate effectively with physicians
  • Improve pre-admission screening process
  • Provide tools to assist with communication and tracking

On-site in-services to staff include:

  • Impact on your LOS
  • Scope of problem
  • Why re-admissions occur
  • Strategies to prevent
  • How to manage change in condition
Therapy Program Review
  • Therapy documentation to support skilled service
  • Therapy compliance with Medicare requirements
  • Therapy productivity
  • Therapy minute management to achieve accurate RUGs
  • Communication and case management systems with nursing
  • Part B services and utilization
Billing Practices Review
  • Billing office operations assessment
  • UB04 accuracy audit
  • Compliance with Medicare regulations
  • ADR and denials management procedures
  • Part B billing
  • Accounts receivable and payable
Ancillary Vendor Performance and Review
  • Vendor contract review
  • Evaluate price strategies and contract terms with primary focus on pharmacy, therapy, laboratory, radiology, medical supplies/DME, respiratory, therapy and ambulance services
  • Audits of vendor compliance with service timeliness, invoicing accuracy, and documented medical necessity to reduce risk of cost overruns in ancillary services
  • Review cost containment strategies
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