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The Polaris Group's Medicare Billing Program offers a convenient, effective and accurate way for your facility to navigate Medicare reimbursement policies and enhance successful reimbursement.

Under consolidated billing, suppliers bill skilled nursing facilities by individual patient, day of service, and appropriate service code, while the SNF in turn, bills Medicare. Suppliers submit Medicare Part B claims for SNF patients using the supplier billing number. Payment will be made to the facility's provider number. Direct Medicare billing must be done by or on behalf of a nursing home.

The Nursing Homes may still contract with an outside company to submit their bills to the fiscal intermediary, but remain responsible for all services provided and must receive payment from Medicare directly.
The Polaris Group also offers Billing Services for:
  • Part A SNF inpatient claims
  • Part B SNF therapy services
  • Non-private Medicare coinsurance and deductible claims
  • Commerical insurance primary payor source
  • Private insurance
  • Medicaid/Medi-cal
The Polaris Group Medicare Billing Training Program offers:
  • Part A and B UB-04 billings
  • All necessary forms involved in billing
  • On-site training of appropriate people by a nurse for completion of necessary paperwork
  • Review of paperwork to ensure claim is "clean"
  • Electronic billing to all fiscal intermediary decreasing your payment time
  • All 20% coinsurance billing
  • Claim tracking
  • Problem resolution on claims
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